• PhD in Immunology, 2015

    National Institute of Immunology

  • MSc in Biochemistry, 2010

    MSU Baroda

  • BSc in Microbiology, 2008

    University of Mumbai


Associate Research Scientist
IICD Columbia University   2020 - present

  • Dynamics of regulatory T cells
  • T cells and anti-tumor immunity
  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist
    Columbia University   2017 - 2020

  • Population dynamics of B cells
  • T cells: Ontogeny and Maintenance
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    University of Glasgow   2016 - 2017

  • Homeostasis of naive T cells
  • Modelling spatiotemporal dynamics of dendritic cells during an immune response
  • Visiting research fellow
    Utrecht University 2015
    University of Vigo 2014

  • Math and Stats training
  • Ecological modeling
  • My long-standing goal is to understand and quantify system-level variability in immune interactions and collective responses of lymphocyte populations including T, B and NK cells to infections, vaccines and tumor-antigens. More specifically, how the spatial and functional heterogeneity in lymphocyte populations manifest and how such heterogeneity impacts immune pathologies in chronic infections and cancers.

    I have acuired some cool Math skils along the way, which I think would be quite helpful in achieving my immunology goals.

    • Deterministic and Stochastic dynamical systems modeling.
    • Structured-population partial differential equation (PDE) models.
    • Bayesian inference using hierarchical systems.
    • Agent-based simulations and Gillespie algorithm.

    I was drawn towards theater and performing arts very early in my childhood, since Mumbai city has a rich history of comedy and folk theatre. Pursuing that inspiration, I performed in several dramatic competitions and shows throughout my college days. During my doctoral years, I became associated with an indie theatre ensemble, named ‘Antaragni’, which literally means ‘the fire within’ in Sanskrit. We performed several shows that gave voice to burning social issues and participated in intercollegiate competitions.